Version AHK_H 2.0-alpha

© 2019 Hotkeyit, Steve Gray, Chris Mallett, portions © AutoIt Team and various others

Software License: GNU General Public License

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Commands / Functions
Cast Converts a value from one data type to another data type.
Macro Create a macro instead of a function. Macro will use caller's scope for all variables except for parameters.
#DllImport Create an alias function for a dll function that allows to omit parameters and use default values.
It can also load pure machine code supplied as hex string, see example.
#NoEnv / GetEnv #NoEnv is now used in all scripts. Use GetEnv to add environment variables to script.
#WarnContinuableException Do not warn on continuable exception, continue execution like main AutoHotkey does.
AhkThread Create a new thread using AutoHotkey.dll included in resources.
ExeThread Create a new thread 'without' using AutoHotkey.dll, it uses same methods as AhkExported.
ThreadObj Create a new thread 'without' using AutoHotkey.dll, based on COM using ObjShare.
NewThread Create a new thread 'without' using AutoHotkey.dll. If you want to communicate with the thread it is best to use ExeThread or ThreadObj.
Alias Create ByRef variable or share variables to other threads in a multi-thread environment.
BinToHex Convert binary data to Hex string.
BinRun Run executable file from Memory.
CreateScript Create script from main script for NewThread, AutoHotkey.dll, BinRun or DynaRun.
CriticalSection Creates a Critical Section Structure and returns its pointer. Use EnterCriticalSection and LeaveCriticalSection to Enter and Leave the Critical Section.
Critical Section is requred for multi-threading environment.
CryptAES Encrypt and Decrypt data.
DirGetParent Get parent directory of a file or directory.
DynaRun Run code dynamically in new AutoHotkey process.
ErrorMessage Get error message string of A_LastError.
FileReplace Similar to FileAppend but replaces the file if it exists.
FindFunc (low level) Get a pointer to a Function.
FindLabel (low level) Get a pointer to a label.
GetEnv Get environment variables and make global variables in script.
HexToBin Convert Hex string to binary memory.
HIBYTE Get high byte from a value.
HIWORD Get high word from a value.
IsBOM Check if a file has byte order mark.
LoadPicture Load picture into memory and return HBITMAP.
LOBYTE Get low byte from a value.
LOWORD Get low word from a value.
MCodeH Create machine code function.
OnMessage New parameter allows monitoring same message number for multiple windows and call different functions for each window.
Progress Progress function as in AutoHotkey v1.
ResDelete Delete a resource in executable file.
ResDllCreate Create a resource only dll file.
ResExist Check if a resource exists in executable file.
ResPut Add a resource to executable file from memory.
ResPutFile Add a file to resources of executable file.
Send Sleep functionality for Send command, for example Send 123{100}456 would send 123 then sleep for 100 milliseconds and send 456.
sizeof Returns the size in bytes for default data type, structure or structure definition, for example MsgBox % sizeof("TCHAR").
SplashImage SplashImage as in AutoHotkey v1.
SplashTextOn / Off SplashTextOn as in AutoHotkey v1.
StrPutVar Put an encoded string into a variable.
ToChar Convert an integer to signed char.
ToInt Convert an integer to signed integer.
ToShort Convert an integer to signed short.
ToUChar Convert an integer to unsigned char.
ToUInt Convert an integer to signed integer.
ToUShort Convert an integer to unsigned integer.
VarSetCapacity When the buffer size of a variable is changed and FillByte is not used and old and new capacity is > 1 byte, the original buffer content is kept/copied to the new buffer.
WinApi Use WinApi functions as if it was a build-in function.
Zip Functions Various zip functions to compress and uncompress files or data in memory. ZipCreateFile, ZipAddFile, ZipCloseFile, UnZip, ZipCreateBuffer, ZipAddBuffer, ZipCloseBuffer, UnZipBuffer, ZipRawMemory, UnZipRawMemory, ZipInfo, ZipOptions, ZipAddFolder
ComObjDll Creates a COM Object from a COM dll.
CriticalObject Create multi-thread save object.
DynaCall Imports a Dll function and defines its parameters so we don't need to define on each call like in DllCall.
ObjByRef Save variables by reference in object.
ObjDump Dump an object to memory or file.
ObjLoad Load a dumped object from memory or file.
ObjShare Create multi-thread save COM IDispatch proxy object.
Struct Creates C++ like Structure object that is accessed and modified using object syntax.
MemoryModule Allows loading a dll from Memory, e.g. Resource.
MemoryLoadLibrary Similar to LoadLibrary but loads a dll from memory. This allows real multi-threading by loading loading a dll multiple times.
MemoryGetProcAddress Similar to GetProcAddress for MemoryModule.
MemoryFreeLibrary Similar to FreeLibrary for MemoryModule.
MemoryFindResource Similar to FindResource.
MemorySizeofResource Similar to SizeOfResource for MemoryModuel.
MemoryLoadResource Similar to LoadResource.
MemoryLoadString Similar to LoadString.
NULL New built-in, variable same as FALSE. Resolves to 0.
A_AhkDir returns the path of current exe.
A_IsDll returns 1 (true) if called from AutoHotkey.dll and FALSE/NULL/0 otherwise.
A_CoordModeToolTip returns current CoordMode for ToolTip, 0 = Client | 1 = Window | 2 = Screen.
A_CoordModePixel returns current CoordMode for Pixel, 0 = Client | 1 = Window | 2 = Screen.
A_CoordModeMouse returns current CoordMode for Mouse, 0 = Client | 1 = Window | 2 = Screen.
A_CoordModeCaret returns current CoordMode for Caret, 0 = Client | 1 = Window | 2 = Screen.
A_CoordModeMenu returns current CoordMode for Menu, 0 = Client | 1 = Window | 2 = Screen.
A_DllPath returns the path of current module (dll or exe).
A_DllDir returns the path of current module (dll or exe).
A_ModuleHandle Equivalent to GetModuleHandle(NULL) but returns the correct ModuleHandle for AutoHotkey.dll when using MemoryModule
A_ScriptStruct returns pointer to internal g_script structure.
A_GlobalStruct returns pointer to internal g structure.
A_MainThreadID returns ID of main exe or dll thread.
A_ThreadID returns ID of current thread.
A_ZipCompressionLevel Get or set compression level for Zip functions. Use 0 for lowest and 9 for highest compression.
Compiling AutoHotkey Original AutoHotkey is only capable to be compiled with AutoHotkeySC.bin. In AutoHotkey_H any AutoHotkey binary (AutoHotkey.dll, AutoHotkey.exe, AutoHotkeySC.bin) can be compiled.
This allows keeping full functionality of AutoHotkey including executing other scripts. Compiled AutoHotkey.exe and AutoHotkey.dll can use /E switch to execute different script than compiled one.
Ahk2Exe Custom version of fincs Ahk2Exe compiler with support for AutoHotkey_H features.
Resource Library You can include library functions in resource of exe or dll (Resorce type must be "LIB", e.g. LIB/WATCHDIRECTORY.AHK).
Additionally AutoHotkey.dll can load library functions from exe file automatically (Note both execuables must be using same password if source is encrypted).
Note, this is not supported by AutoHotkeySC.bin.
Resource Compression and Encryption Ahk2Exe supports compression and encryption for resource files, AutoHotkey will decompress and decrypt the files internally automatically. UnZipRawMemory can be used to decompress and decrypt resources in Script.
AutoHotkey.dll Module
AutoHotkey.dll AutoHotkey Module with COM support that can be used for multi-threading and allows AutoHotkey to be embedded into another applications. It provides AutoHotkey functionality that might be more difficult to implement in another language.
Exported Functions Available for AutoHotkey.exe and AutoHotkey.dll
ahkFunction Call a function via SendMessage method. Mainly used with AutoHotkey.dll to call a function in dll script or call a function in main script from dll.
ahkPostFunction Call a function via PostMessage method (does not wait until function returns). Also used mainly with AutoHotkey.dll
ahkExecuteLine Executes script from given line pointer.
ahkLabel Goto (PostMessage) or Gosub (SendMessage) a Label. Also used mainly with AutoHotkey.dll
ahkFindFunction Find a function and return its pointer.
ahkFindLabel Find a label and return its pointer.
addFile Add and optionally execute additional script/code from file. Not available for scripts compiled with AutoHotkeySC.bin.
addScript Add and optionally execute additional script/code from text/memory/variable. Not available for scripts compiled with AutoHotkeySC.bin.
ahkExec Execute some script/code from text/memory/variable temporarily. Not available for scripts compiled with AutoHotkeySC.bin.
ahkassign Assign a value to variable or pointer of variable.
ahkgetvar Retrieve a value from a variable.
ahkPause Pause Script.
Exported Functions Available only in AutoHotkey.dll
ahkdll Load a new thread from a file, current thread will be terminated.
ahktextdll Load a new thread from a string/memory/variable, current thread will be terminated.
ahkReady Returns 1 (true) if a thread is being executed currently, 0 (false) otherwise.
ahkTerminate Terminate thread.
ahkTerminate Reload thread using same parameters used with ahkdll or ahktextdll.
ahk_parent Allow to identify the right window if multiple window with same criteria exist, ahk_parent must be followed by space and Window Id. ahk_parent can be used in any Win... and Control... functions. For example WinActivate, ahk_class #32770 ahk_parent 0x3F4A5
& Retrieve pointer to any String or build in variable like &A_LoopField or &"Text".

Function Libraries

In addition to the user library in %A_MyDocuments%\AutoHotkey\Lib, standard library in the AutoHotkey directory and local library which resides in %A_ScriptDir%\Lib functions may be auto-included from a folder that %A_AhkExeDir%\lib.lnk points to. For more information, see Libraries of Functions.

Static Variables

Static variables are saved in separate array internally for better performance. Also ListVars shows static and local variables separately.


A special thanks to Jonathan Bennett, whose generosity in releasing AutoIt v2 as free software in 1999 served as an inspiration and time-saver for myself and many others worldwide. In addition, many of AutoHotkey's enhancements to the AutoIt v2 command set, as well as the Window Spy and the old script compiler, were adapted directly from the AutoIt v3 source code. So thanks to Jon and the other AutoIt authors for those as well.

Finally, AutoHotkey would not be what it is today without these other individuals.

~ Chris Mallett