AutoHotkey_H adds functionality to original AutoHotkey and offers true multi-threading using NewThread() function (v2 only) and AutoHotkey.dll.


These downloads include AutoHotkey.exe and AutoHotkey.dll, Documentation and some miscellaneous function scripts.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 has been used to build these executables. Windows XP and later are supported.


Thoughts for v2.0 (v2-thoughts) documents most of the planned changes and some points that have yet to be worked out.


Changes from v1.1 to v2.0 (v2-changes) details the many differences between v1.1 and the current v2.0 alpha

A full record of changes is maintained as part of the development process, but be warned that some of the changes listed are relevant only to developers and may make little sense to most users.


Software License: GNU General Public License.