> ahkReady


Exported function to check if a script is currently executed by AutoHotkey module.
This function is only available in AutoHotkey.dll

OutputVar := DllCall("AutoHotkey.dll\ahkReady")
Function Example: IsPaused := DllCall("AutoHotkey.dll\ahkReady")

The name of the variable to store 1 / true if script is executed or 0 / false otherwise.


ahkPostFunction, ahkFindFunc


dllpath:=A_AhkDir "\AutoHotkey.dll"
DllCall("LoadLibrary","Str",dllpath) ; Load the AutoHotkey module.
DllCall(dllpath "\ahktextdll","Str","Sleep 2000","Str","","CDecl") ; start a new thread, just the function.
While DllCall(dllpath "\ahkReady") ; wait until AutoHotkey.dll exits.
  Sleep 100
MsgBox End

; Same example like above using included Autohotkey.dll
dll:=AhkThread("Sleep 2000")
while dll.ahkReady()
  Sleep 100
MsgBox "End"