Sends a string to the debugger (if any) for display.

OutputDebug, Text
Command  Example: OutPutDebug "Exit"
Function Example: OutPutDebug("Exit")



The text to send to the debugger for display. This text may include linefeed characters (`n) to start new lines. In addition, a single long line can be broken up into several shorter ones by means of a continuation section.


If the script's process has no debugger, the system debugger displays the string. If the system debugger is not active, this command has no effect.

One example of a debugger is DebugView, which is free and available at www.sysinternals.com.

See also: other debugging methods


FileAppend, continuation sections


OutputDebug, %A_Now%: Because the window "%TargetWindowTitle%" did not exist, the process was aborted.